Pag-ibig Death Claim Requirements for Spouse with Children

Here are the requirements for filing your Pag-ibig death benefit claim as the spouse of a Pag-ibig member who has passed away:

NOTE: Puede lang mag-claim kapag hindi pa nakuha ng spouse ninyo ang kanyang Pag-ibig Provident benefits noong siya ay nabubuhay pa.
Kapag ang member ay nakuha na ang kanyang Pag-ibig Provident benefit noong siya ay nabubuhay pa, mapuputol na ang kanyang membership at wala nang death benefit o anumang benefit na makukuha pa ng kanyang mga maiiwan.

Requirements for filing your Pag-ibig death benefit claim:

1. Application for Provident Benefits Claim (Pag-ibig form)

2. Proof of Surviving Legal Heirs (Pag-ibig form, must be notarized)

3. Affidavit of Guardianship (Pag-ibig form, must be notarize)

4. Your valid photo IDs (2 IDs)

5. Death certificate of your spouse (NSO, certified true copy)

6. Your Marriage certificate (NSO, certified true copy)

7.  Birth certificates of all your children (NSO, certified true copy)

For your personal file, photocopy all documents before filing with Pag-ibig.

Pag-ibig says that it has the right to require additional documents, if needed.

You can ask for Pag-ibig forms at the nearest Pag-ibig branch

Or you can download the forms and have them printed.  Remember to print the Application for Provident Benefits Claim in one single sheet of paper only (print back to back).
For the other forms, there's no instruction of printing back to back.

Print or type when filling up the forms.

File at the Pag-ibig branch where your spouse's records are based. Usually, it is the branch nearest the company where your husband worked the longest.

If you're now residing in a region or province very far from your spouse's Pag-ibig branch, and the trip to the branch is costly, you can file at the Pag-ibig branch nearest your current residence. That branch will accept your documents and will forward them to your husband's Pag-ibig branch.


Pag-ibig Payment Order Form

This is how the Pag-ibig Payment Order Form looks like:

This Pag-ibig Payment Order Form is used whenever you pay at the Pag-ibig branch:

  • your contributions/mandatory savings
  • or your multi-purpose loan 
  • or your housing loan amortization

You get this form from a Pag-ibig officer at the Marketing Division.  Show your latest payment receipt, or statement of account, or your HDMF ID, the amount you're going to pay, and the applicable month.

                                                PAG-IBIG FUND
                                                _______ BRANCH
                                                Marketing Division  

                                                                                          Date:  ___________

Company Name/Category ___________________________________________
Address:                            ___________________________________________
For the Account of Mr/Ms:
            _________________________ _________________ ______________________
                     Last Name                           First Name                Middle Name

Pag-IBIG ID Number: _ _ _ _-_ _ _ _-_ _ _ _ RTN: _ _ _ _-_ _ _ _-_ _ _ _

Purpose       New Member      Reactivation    MPL        Housing

Remarks: ____________________________________________________

  Month/s Covered                    EE Share               ER Share                 Total Amount
_______________            _____________     _____________        ______________
_______________            _____________     _____________        ______________
_______________            _____________     _____________        ______________

                                                                         GRAND TOTAL      ______________

Prepared by:                                                                    Noted:

_____________________                                              _______________________
                                                                                         Chief, Marketing Division


Sample Certificate of Early Retirement for Pag-ibig Fund Claim

for the purpose of claiming Pag-ibig Provident benefits.

This is in response to some readers asking for a sample certificate that they can use to claim their Pag-ibig Provident benefits under the Early Retirement option.

Take note that you can only claim your Pag-ibig Provident benefits under the Early Retirement option if you have satisfied all of these 3 requirements:

1.  You are at least 45 years old.
2.  You are employed in the private sector.
3.  Your company has a formal employee retirement fund or retirement benefit program and you have availed of and has been granted your early retirement benefit.

This is just a sample certificate. It is NOT Pag-ibig's form. You can revise it to conform to your requirements and situation.

                                             HAPPY CO. 
                                             143 Masaya St., Makati City
                                             Metro Manila 

                                                                           November 11, 2016 


This is to certify that Susan Masipag, who was employed by our company HAPPY Co., with address at 143 Masaya St., Makati City, from April 1, 1990 to September 8, 2015, has retired from this company on September 8, 2015 under our company's EARLY RETIREMENT PROGRAM. All company retirement benefits due her has been released and issued to her.

This certification is issued upon Ms. Masipag's request for the processing of her Application for Provident Benefits claim from Pag-ibig Fund.     

I affirm that I am the authorized signatory to this certification, and that the foregoing statements are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.
                            Signature of Authorized Company Representative                                             Name of Authorized Company Representative 
                            Designation/Position of Authorized Representative 
                                                   Date Signed 

PROVINCE OF __________) 
CITY OF _______________) 

SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me this ____ day of ________, 2016, by above authorized representative ____________________________, who has satisfactorily proven to me his identity through his Identification Card No. _________________, issued by ____________ valid until ______________, that he is the same person who personally signed before me the foregoing certificate and acknowledged that he executed the same. 

                                                                       NOTARY PUBLIC 
Doc. No. _______________; 
Page No. _______________; 
Book No. _______________; 
Series of _______________;

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